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IT Officer
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Lessons in Life
Elmer Weaver, Shippensburg, PA

Kelvin Gable, Perrysville, OH

Danielle Zimmerman, Fleetwood, PA
QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Carlos Nichols, DeRidder, LA

Cattleman’s Corner
Les Dirks, Montezuma, KS

Steps Toward A Better Future
Bob Goodnough, Delisle, SK, Canada

Compassionate Caring
Ben Friesen, Bristol, IN

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Behind the Counter
Cliff Smith, Fleetwood, PA

Sailing On
Michael Decker, Wrens, GA

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If you need artwork for your ad you may contact the Business Bulletin at

Products and services advertised are not endorsed by The Business Bulletin.

Making the products and services of the brethren available to the needs of our people was one of the original reasons for founding this publication. We encourage our advertisers to contribute to an atmosphere of respect and fairness but not to be overly concerned about jeopardizing the business of someone who is advertising a similar product or service.

Publication Schedule

Ads or listings received after the 15th of the month may not be printed in the current issue. Cancellation of ads must be called in, faxed, or emailed to the office by the 15th of the month prior to cancellation and no later than the 20th of the same month.

Advertising in The Business Bulletin is a fast and easy way to broadcast information about your business. Submit your ad by the 15th of the month and it will print in the next issue and usually be in the hands of most subscribers by the 15th of the next month. If necessary, we will communicate with advertisers on a monthly basis, otherwise ads will print until canceled.

Advertisement Pricing

Display ads are sold by column inch. For example, an ad two columns wide and three inches tall is six column inches. An ad one column wide and four inches tall is four column inches.

Display Advertisement Pricing
1-3 Column Inches – $20.25 per column inch
4-11 Column Inches – $16.75 per column inch
12-28 Column Inches – $15.85 per column inch

Color Insert Advertisement Pricing
1⁄4 Page $135.00
1⁄2 Page $269.00
Full Page $539.00

Classified Advertisement Pricing
25 words or less $35.50
Each additional word $1.65
Credit card payments only for advertisements.


The Business Bulletin will accept original, well-researched articles that are considered to be of significant value if they are submitted as a text (.doc) file by email. The editor reserves the right to determine eligibility of articles sent in. Feel free to contact the editor to discuss your ideas.

We will be pleased to review any other articles and items submitted for publication. However, in most cases, items from other publications will not be reprinted unless permission can be obtained.

Our contributing editors welcome input for their respective articles. Feel free to contact them if you wish to submit ideas and/or questions.


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If you would be interested in being an agent, email your name, and address to . You will be sent an agent package which contains information for agents, free sample issues, and sign-up sheets. Agents who forward at least ten new subscriptions will be given a year’s free subscription to the Business Bulletin.