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Welcome to the Business Bulletin, an advertising and business guidance and information publication. The purpose of this website is to inform you of what we offer through this publication. On the Home page, an outline will be given telling of the different services that are offered. We have been in business for thirteen years. We continue to be enthused with the response that we get through customer comments, telling us of their reading enjoyment and the benefits that they receive from the business articles written by our contributing editors. As you read the articles, you will notice that they have a Christian or biblical tone to them. We, as Christians, believe that our jobs and biblical principles are woven together and cannot be separated. If you are a Christian business person or employee, you have already found this to be true. The articles written by our contributing editors are based on personal experiences and godly principles. We, as the publishers, are of the Mennonite religion and you will notice that the articles are aimed at the Plain People lifestyle. Why are we now offering this publication to the general public? We have been told at different times that this publication is of such interest that anyone who reads it will enjoy the variety and common sense advice that it offers.

The main goal of the Business Bulletin is to provide a place to advertise your product, business service, or to place a classified ad. Since this publication goes nationwide, there are certain types of ads that work well. You may click on the Sample Issue to browse the advertisements. We invite all Plain People to use this publication for advertisements. Your ad will be viewed by other Plain People. All information concerning how to advertise is on page two of every issue.

Our secondary goal is to provide quality business advice and personal stories/experiences from business men themselves. There are several topics that we cover every month with some of them every other month. Taqs Tips is a section that is covered by four different tax accountants. These writers cover the field of accounting, estate settlements, federal income tax returns, and one of them gives instructions on how to use QuickBooks. Another section called Another Busy Week, gives general business advice and experiences. This writer, Jay Bullock, owns and operates a hardware store and a restaurant in Wrens, Georgia. Another section called Steps Toward a Better Future is written by Bob Goodnough who is from Delisle, Saskatchewan, Canada. He generally writes on subjects that would pertain to making a better future for ourselves. Don Unruh who writes The Progression of Agriculture is from Galva, KS. His articles concern farming strategies or solutions. He researches many of the farming subjects that he writes on, such as new or updated national farm bills and farming practices. There are two bakers and restaurant owners Wendell Wedel of Durham KS and Michael Decker of Wrens, GA, who have volunteered to start up a food service section and contribute something every other month. This section is called Focus on Food Service. It is aimed at restaurant owners. There is another section called Cattleman’s Corner written by Daniel Holdeman, of Clarksville, TX. It addresses issues concerning livestock. From time to time, Keith Toews writes about the Oriani, Haiti clinic (Haiti Report). He is the administrator of this very busy clinic. A Way of Thinking and Doing is written by Calvin Koehn of Montezuma, KS. His subjects are upbeat about life in general.

There are quotes scattered throughout the issue. Sometimes the quotes pertain to the season or holiday and sometimes they are inspirational or thought provoking. Occasionally there is a section called Trivia. The editor picks out a subject of interest and writes an entire article on it. Usually pictures accompany the article. For example, recently the trivia section covered an unheard of subject. The Narrow-Gauge Railways of India.

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We have one slogan. Connecting Buyer and Seller from Coast to Coast, which is printed on the front page of every issue.

Phillip and Nancy Koehn are the sole owners of the Business Bulletin. They live in Fleetwood, PA. There are a total of about 17 persons who help make this publication work.

We hope that you will always enjoy the Business Bulletin. Don’t miss even one issue!

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